To fight the Cross of Christ is to rebel against God
Repent, seek forgiveness and accept Christ for eternal salvation.

Please pray sincerely to your God
God you are the Lord and you are awesome in my life! Thank you Lord
Lord, you redeemed Saul and transformed him into Apostle Paul
Lord, in whatever way I might have offended you please redeem me
You transformed Jacob to Israel from darkness to light
Here I am Lord, please transform me into your marvelous light
You changed Japheth’s shame to honor and splendor
Lord, break, tear and burn any garment of shame in my family
O Lord, destroy all spiritual and evil covenants in my source
Jehovah, please heal my foundation to its very beginning
Oh gracious Lord, release your unction upon my household
Heavenly Father and my maker please renew, refresh and rebuild me
Holy God, please divinely direct my heart, soul, spirit and body to honor you
Thank you Lord for a week full of your blessings, benevolence and love
Lord, thank you for your abiding presence and love in my life and household
Triune God, thank you for your grace on my family and household
Lord, please bring back the hearts of humankind to your divine love
Lord, please keep us from trivializing and abusing your grace
I praise you Lord, I exalt you and I honor your name. Amen

Our word for the week:  Numbers 14: 8 & 9:  “If the Lord is pleased with us, he will lead us into that land, a land flowing with milk and honey, and will give it to us. Only do not rebel against the Lord. And do not be afraid of the people of the land, because we will devour them. Their protection is gone, but the Lord is with us. Do not be afraid of them.”




An empire determined to fall trivializes the will and laws of God.


Please pray sincerely to your God:

Lord, thank you for your patience, mercy and love for humankind.

The animals don’t challenge your will until compelled by human beings: Lord, please have mercy

The plants do not challenge you except with human manipulation: Lord, please have mercy

The sea keeps its bounds until human encroachment: Lord, please have mercy

The wind serves human to keep cool: Lord, please have mercy

The air helps human breathing in spite of heavy human pollution: Lord, please have mercy

Lord, please do not punish us but prevail with your truth

Lord, please do not ignore us but induce your will on us

Lord, please do not shatter us but scatter all dishonest assemblies and assembles

Lord, arise quickly and take ownership of your world; the church is messed up

Lord, we need you now, do not tarry for our leaders have become sour salt

Lord, come and remedy your creation for judges have corrupted their scales

Lord, come to save your people not throne or wealth but human beings

Lord, come and fight the cause of the poor, oppressed and injured

Lord, come to deliver us from insanity and human caprices

Lord, I thank you for you are the God of love

Lord, please reign in my life, family and household. Amen


Our word for the week - Micah 3: 0-12: “Hear this, you leaders of Jacob, you rulers of Israel, who despise justice and distort all that is right; who build Zion with bloodshed, and Jerusalem with wickedness.  Her leaders judge for a bribe, her priests teach for a price, and her prophets tell fortunes for money. Yet they look for the Lord’s support and say, “Is not the Lord among us?  No disaster will come upon us.” Therefore because of you, Zion will be plowed like a field, Jerusalem will become a heap of rubble, the temple hill a mound overgrown with thickets.”

Reverend Idowu Adewakun – June 31, 2015

Good and evil spirits live inside us, both struggling for the ownership of our hearts, minds and souls. The one you feed more, support more, and engage more defeats the other and take ownership. Christians should never ignore presidents and leaders, the power they hold needs the touch of Christ, sanctification of the Holy Spirit and God’s authority.

Please pray sincerely to your God:
O God, I thank you for you are the source of life, power and authority
Please grant your divine authority to our leaders
Jehovah, the hearts of kings and leaders are in your hand
Please help our leaders to know and do your love in their lives and positions
Lord, please kindle your light in the lives of your priests and Christians
That we may boldly, genuinely and prayerfully shine your light on our leaders
O father, help me to feed your spirit in me with total attention and fellowship
Lord, with you let me totally overcome and defeat the spirit of evil in me
Lord, please take back your world from evil, idol and wickedness
O Lord, please supremely grow your spirit in my family and children
My Jesus! You are the winner, please make me a winner for and in your Kingdom. Amen

Our word for the week - Revelation 22: 10 - 13:
“Then he told me, “Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this scroll, because the time is near. 11 Let the one who does wrong continue to do wrong; let the vile person continue to be vile; let the one who does right continue to do right; and let the holy person continue to be holy.”12 “Look, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done. 13 I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the end.”

Reverend Idowu Adewakun – September 9, 2015