Menbonewen, the first child that Adenuwesi had for Ogunsogon, had two children - Oladesimowo and Akinsimoye. Three months after Akinsimoye was born, his mother died. He was then taken care of by his Aunt and Uncles.

When he grew up and was old enough to build a house, he went to his father's family to obtain a land on which to build, reluctantly they gave him a plot, so when he got a heap of mud ready (Atibo) some of the family did not want him to have a share in their family land. So somebody planted a 'juju maize' (agbado), this maize was planted on his Atibo, it grew up the same day, had maize the same day and died towards the evening time. That was why Akinsimoye ran away from his father's house and stayed with his Aunties and Uncles on his mother's side.

At a time all the Omo Lilipekede were farming at a particular place called ODIGUE. But when that place was getting congested, all of them of the same mother Adenuwesi went to upper Lota (Okeko) to go and farm. When they were going away to farm, they took along with them their half-sister's husband Gabriel Arowolo  (See Chart).

Oguntomowo became the wive of a Prince named Adesominu. Adesominu was the grand child of Jegun Jilubokun 1.

Adewakun was a very hard working man. He just took it upon himself to become a christian. He was 'Primus inter pares' - First among Equals. A very tough disciplinarian but a fervent Chistian. He and his wives went 'Abroad' in their time, then one would ask where was the Abroad? - The Abroad was 'AJEBAMDELE' - now in Ondo State.

He and his junior brother Akinfolarin went there to do Timberwork 'Igbo Gedu'. That was where he made his moneyy to build his house at 21 Atiba Street(See Chart).

The last day that he ever went to hunting was a night when he saw an object under a tree in the bush. He pulled the trigger several times, but the gun never answered, so he went to see what kind of animal was this. It was his brother! Akinfolarin, who was sleeping at the bottom of the tree.

Akinfolarin like his father was a farmer as well as a targeter hunter. His first wife Bernice Lawun, had only one boy while the others were girls. He them decided to take a second wife AINA. Aina's first child was a male and was named Akinsogbon. Hope you remember Akinfolarin's father's name - Ogunsogbon...can you catch the joke? Akinfolarin was normally called Abram LAANI (See Chart).

 Extracts of history - Lisa Jigan of Ile-Oluji - Chief Ezekiel Ademujimi Adewakun 2004