Her father as well as her husband at Ondo have organised search for her, they looked everywhere in Ondo land but this woman was no where to be found, so they regarded her to be dead and rotten.

One day, as she was sitting by her wares in fron of 'Sogbon's house, some people from Ondo came to the market at Ile-Oluji and saw her. They looked at her closely and knew she was the missing Princess, at this time she was heavily pregnant. The Ondo women ran to tell the Osemawe that they have found his missing daughter. Osemawe sent his emissaries to go and bring her, but she told them she would never step the land of Ondo for ever and ever.

Since the Oba cannot come by himself and since she Adenuwesi was pregnant, her father sent male and female slaves to go and be servants to her. Her first child for Ogunsogbon was a girl and she named her MENBONIWANDE - meaning that the crown is my birthrite. Her second child was a girl, she allowed her husband to give her a name and he named her OGUNTOMOWO, this girl was a carbon copy of her mother, beautiful and small in stature. (See Chart of Ogunito)

The third child was named AKINDOYENI, born after Ogunsogbon was made a chief Title (Bamuwasan). The fourth child a boy, was named ADEWAKUN and the 5th child also a boy was named AKINFOLARIN. Shortly after the birth of Akinfolarin, Ogunsogbon died.

After the death of Ogunsogbon, his junior brother called OGUNSAKIN, took over his brother's wife Adenuwesi as was the custom and she had a baby girl named FARIBOWUN (See Chart). When Faribowun or Aina as she was called was expecting her 3rd child, her father Ogunsakin was very ill and Faribowun knew that her father would die, she burst into tears. When her father saw her much love she had for him, he comforted Aina and told her that the child she was carrying would be a boy and that she should name him after him and the boy should be named Ogunsakintunde. So when the child was born she named him Akintunde (See Chart).