At about 2 centuries ago, there was a family called Lilipekede in Ile-Oluji, and the family had their compound at a place called Oke-Atiba area.The Head of this Lilipekede had many wives and many children as was the custom at that time. (See Chart 1)

Among these many children were Ogunsogbon, Ogunsakin, Akinsiles Father, Baba Egbe Adeola's father, Jomo Buleyes mother and a host of others.
Ogunsogbon was a renowned and brilliant hunter, he was a marks man and a very accurate Targeter (Atamatase).

Before ever going to the bush to do his hunting he would consult the Oracle. On one occassion , the Oracle told him that on this day, he must go a hunting but he should not expect to kill any animal but what he would harvest would be an everlasting joy to him and his descendants.

So, he went as directed by the Oracle. After several hours looking here and there like somebody watching a game of Ping-Pong, he noticed a very quite bush, no rats, no lizards, just nothing moved.

As he was about to move forward, he heard somebody coughing in a nearby bush, the coughing continued unabated. He corked his gun and moved nearer. What did he see, he saw a woman sitting with her back to a tree.

'Sogbon saw her and greeted her but no reply. The woman was hopelessly weak, she had emanciated and actaully waiting to breath her last breath. 'Sogbon held her be the hand and lifted her up, she was very weak and feeble. He took her on his back to the nearest brook, washed her and gave her some food which he as a hunter normally carries in his bag in case of emergency.

Up till that time the woman could not talk. 'Sogbon noticed that she was not a lunatic judging from the clothes she wore and the way her hair was pleated. However 'Sogbon took her to the village (Egure). His wives were so much astonished as to what kind from the bush their husband brought. ''Could this be a Fairy'' was their question.

The wives took very great care of this stranger. They prepared OKIMI to make her strong. She responded to treatment . After a few days, she reagained full consciousness and she burst into tears. When they asked her why, she then continued to tell them her life story like this.

''My father was Osemawe of Ondo, I was given the care of a Princess. My father bethrothed me to a friend of his, my husband, who took care of me knowing that I'm a Princess. I was very prolific, I had 8 children, but before then, an Ifa Oracle predicted that I would be blessed with many children and that my name as well as my descendants would be known for good throughout the world. I was very happy.

But as the 'Job' of my time I lost my 8 children within 2 years and was left with nothing. Then what would you expect me to do than to walk away until I can find DEATH to take care of me, ''Mo Ri Nu'' Until this man brought me from my grave.

The listeners were horrified when they heard about the ordeal of this stranger. They had sympathy  for her and continued to take more care of her. When they asked for her name she said her name is ADENUWESI.

She gained momentum and was gradually taking shape. After a little time she came back to her normal and former shape, 'very Beautiful and Lovely'. They would not let her got to the farm, knowing that she is a Princess. Ogunsogbon let her stay at home and be selling petty petty articles in front of the house. After a short time, she was carrying 'Sogbon's pregnancy.